Majority of the drivers in NYC, depend on their license because it is their livelihood.
Our number one priority is to serve the drivers that keep the City that never sleeps running.
 We provide a a variety of services for our drivers which include but are not limited to, exceptional pricing for representation and consultation for DMV and TLC tickets.
Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC)
  • We charge a ONE TIME FEE to become a member for the year. This membership includes consultation and representation for all TLC tickets. For this, driver doesn't have to be in court unless specifically requested. There is also individual pricing available for individual tickets.
  • If you were to miss a court date, we help file motions to vacate the judgements.
  • Drivers usually travel abroad to their countries to see their families, we keep licenses in Current standing and active so theres no additional penalties and fines on the license.
  • If you were to be found CLOSED GUILTY AT HEARING, we can help you and appeal the case for you.
  • We also represent drivers in vehicle seizures, discretionary revocation cases, drug test failure cases, fitness hearings and all settlement conferences addressed with TLC.
  • We help owners of vehicles organize and lease their vehicles to drivers with OWNER/DRIVER lease agreements for the safety of both parties.
  • When TLC issues summonses, there can always be a plea deal and we can settle the matter to avoid escalating  and maximum fines.
  • Professional help of printing & reviewing of updated dmv attracts & upcoming tickets to keep license in healthy standing.​​ The key to health, of anything, is prevention.
  • Our job is to relieve the driver of all stress and have them on the road at all costs.


30 MIN   |  $500.00



30 MIN  |  $100.00



30 MIN |  $250.00