What Happens If You Get a TLC Ticket/Summons?

Once you receive a TLC summons delivered in your hand personally at the stop or through the mail, you don't have many options at that point. Most drivers make the mistake of writing a check immediately to the agency to solve the issue or pay online without consulting with a professional, but then get stuck with hidden points on their license which further brings them more summons and issues. The best way to deal with any summons is to explore your options with a professional and then proceed.


What Types of Tickets are Issued by the TLC?

Speeding, stop sign, red light, electronic communication device, illegal pick ups, refusing fares, bus lane, bike lane, driving on a suspended license, vehicle seizures, consumer complaints, all moving and non moving violations are tickets the TLC issues and can leave a driver piled up with heavy fines and points, which could possibly have their license suspended or revoked.


Consequences of Ignoring TLC Tickets

You should NEVER ignore a TLC ticket. Every ticket has different consequences and penalties. Ignoring a TLC ticket is the fastest route to a suspension, revocation, unnecessary fines and points. As a TLC driver, how can you work without an active license?


What To Do If You Get A TLC Ticket?

If you recieve a TLC ticket, call us immediately. You need an experienced group of professional Industry Representatives to be in your corner fighting for you. A group who will not only make sure your rights will not be violated but one who has the best interests for you. As a driver, time is money, therefore a driver doesn't have the luxury of taking time off. If you are in court for your summons, you can't be on the road working. Let us protect you and keep you on the road.